Sleepwalking With The Bomb

Sleepwalking With The Bomb

John C. Wohlstetter

"Anyone wishing to understand the past, present and future of nuclear weapons should read this fine book before saying or writing a word on the subject"

—Richard Perle - Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute and Assistant Secretary of Defense, 1981-1987

"...Sleepwalking with the Bomb will be the standard against which all other works on nuclear issues will be measured"

—R. James Woolsey - Former Director of Central Intelligence; Chair, the Foundation for Defense of Democracies,

Sleepwalking with the Bomb (publication date August 2014 2d ed.) draws on history since 1945, extracting vital lessons about nuclear weapons in order to guide policymakers and the public at a time of growing nuclear peril. The Long War Ahead and the Short War Upon Us (2008) examines issues arising out of the September 11 attacks. It outlines military and foreign policy strategies likely to increase America’s chances of defeating Islamist extremism.